Forum for Communication and Exchange 

      for Women in and around Freiburg, Germany


  • Very inspiring meeting such a talented young woman. It’s encouraging to know that there are young people who care, and feel responsible to contribute to our common welfare.

Veronika K, February 2018 (American CBYX Student Opens Up About Life Here in Germany)

  • It was very moving to come tonight and learn about the NESW, former members and the beginning of it. Thank you! I love being part of it myself!

Estefania, November 2018 (NESW 25th Anniversary)

  • Dörthe - this was fascinating, and I will pay much closer attention to calligraphic handwriting in the future.

Barbara O, October 2017 (Dörthe Fiwek, Calligraphy through the Ages)

  • Nice, natural presentation - lots of good advice and delivered in a humorous, friendly style. Thanks! 

 Fiona S, September 2017 (Christine Hohlbaum, What’s the Story?)

  • Very interesting what topics hide behind the IHK – thanks a lot! Another case of life-long-learning.

Monika, June 2017 (Petra Steck-Brill, EEN)


  • Just wanted to say to you and the Team, congratulations on setting up such a successful evening with Kat at the Kuehler Krug after what looked like a complete washout earlier in the day. I've now decided that the happy way to gardening is to let the weeds take over and forget about the hard work. We've made a good start having copious quantities of dandelions, nettles and bishop's weed, so here's to healthy and relaxed living! Change is always a good thing - taking risks too! Thanks for the inspiration.

Alison S, May 2017 (Kat Morgenstern, Herbs or Weeds?)

  • Thank you for letting me get social tonight with all of you, relaxing and swapping stories. I very much enjoyed this evening and was impressed meeting so many interesting and engaged women and the very warm welcome.

Katharine, September (Social Evening) 

  • What a beautiful evening! Thank you for such an informative time and so much learning. I thoroughly enjoyed the walkd and the tasting in the evening sunshine. Great all round!

Lindsey, July 2016 (Walk, Wine and Wisdom in St. Georgen)

  • Very interesting visit. I enjoyed a lot having students telling us why they chose the UWC! And the paella was excellent.

Corinne, February 2016, (Tour at the United World College)

  • Sabine was simply fantastic! Zum Stahl - best place for food yet : ) Well done - good choice and thank you. 

    Adele, January 2016, (Line Dancing with Sabine Karoß)

  • Thank you so much for having us - it was great fun - brilliant audience.

 Lots of Love  "In the MixX", December 2015 (Christmas Party)

  • Thank you for a very informative evening. I really enjoyed the talk on the rhino as well as the new venue!’

 Erin, September 2015 (The Plight of Africa’s Rhinos)

  • This is one of the ones that will go down in history. Excellent presentation - so relaxed and clear for all, and fantastic that Sabina had arranged for so many others to dance for us. A lovely atmosphere - thank you so much.

Gill, March 2015 (Oriental Dance) 

  • Super evening! Great to reconnect with the Network ladies. And what a wonderful concert... very moving! Thank for organising this... delicious meal too!

Annabel, January 2013 (Les Voyelles)

  • Thank you for a very interesting evening - it was a real eye-opener showing what we have to expect in the future.

Jane, January 2011 (Renewable Energy)

  • Very interesting and fascinating talk – a shame our husbands weren’t there to listen to a few home truths.

Rachel, September 2010 (Relavance of Gencer in Chronic Disease)

  • The Network was my first contact point in Freiburg and, through them, I was in touch with other families with kids within days of us arriving here – a lifesaver! I have made friends I hope will be lifelong, bought furniture, traded books, tried different restaurants (and foods) and learned so much about so many different topics through the network. Mostly I have had fun meeting and mixing with such a diverse group of interesting and intelligent women. I thank you sincerely for all the work you put in to make this possible and I hope you continue to offer such a useful and entertaining format.

Nicola, July 2007 (Schwarzwaldmädels Tour)