Forum for Communication and Exchange 

      for Women in and around Freiburg, Germany


  • Dörthe - this was fascinating, and I will pay much closer attention to calligraphic handwriting in the future.

Barbara O, October 2017 (Dörthe Fiwek, Calligraphy through the Ages)

  • Nice, natural presentation - lots of good advice and delivered in a humorous, friendly style. Thanks! 

 Fiona S, September 2017 (Christine Hohlbaum, What’s the Story?)

  • Very interesting what topics hide behind the IHK – thanks a lot! Another case of life-long-learning.

Monika, June 2017 (Petra Steck-Brill, EEN)


  • Just wanted to say to you and the Team, congratulations on setting up such a successful evening with Kat at the Kuehler Krug after what looked like a complete washout earlier in the day. I've now decided that the happy way to gardening is to let the weeds take over and forget about the hard work. We've made a good start having copious quantities of dandelions, nettles and bishop's weed, so here's to healthy and relaxed living! Change is always a good thing - taking risks too! Thanks for the inspiration.

Alison S, May 2017 (Kat Morgenstern, Herbs or Weeds?)

  • Thank you for letting me get social tonight with all of you, relaxing and swapping stories. I very much enjoyed this evening and was impressed meeting so many interesting and engaged women and the very warm welcome.

Katharine, September (Social Evening) 

  • What a beautiful evening! Thank you for such an informative time and so much learning. I thoroughly enjoyed the walkd and the tasting in the evening sunshine. Great all round!

Lindsey, July 2016 (Walk, Wine and Wisdom in St. Georgen)

  • Very interesting visit. I enjoyed a lot having students telling us why they chose the UWC! And the paella was excellent.

Corinne, February 2016, (Tour at the United World College)

  • Sabine was simply fantastic! Zum Stahl - best place for food yet : ) Well done - good choice and thank you. 

    Adele, January 2016, (Line Dancing with Sabine Karoß)

  • Thank you so much for having us - it was great fun - brilliant audience.

 Lots of Love  "In the MixX", December 2015 (Christmas Party)

  • Thank you for a very informative evening. I really enjoyed the talk on the rhino as well as the new venue!’

 Erin, September 2015 (The Plight of Africa’s Rhinos)

  • This is one of the ones that will go down in history. Excellent presentation - so relaxed and clear for all, and fantastic that Sabina had arranged for so many others to dance for us. A lovely atmosphere - thank you so much.

Gill, March 2015 (Oriental Dance) 

  • Super evening! Great to reconnect with the Network ladies. And what a wonderful concert... very moving! Thank for organising this... delicious meal too!

Annabel, January 2013 (Les Voyelles)

  • Thank you for a very interesting evening - it was a real eye-opener showing what we have to expect in the future.

Jane, January 2011 (Renewable Energy)

  • Very interesting and fascinating talk – a shame our husbands weren’t there to listen to a few home truths.

Rachel, September 2010 (Relavance of Gencer in Chronic Disease)

  • The Network was my first contact point in Freiburg and, through them, I was in touch with other families with kids within days of us arriving here – a lifesaver! I have made friends I hope will be lifelong, bought furniture, traded books, tried different restaurants (and foods) and learned so much about so many different topics through the network. Mostly I have had fun meeting and mixing with such a diverse group of interesting and intelligent women. I thank you sincerely for all the work you put in to make this possible and I hope you continue to offer such a useful and entertaining format.

Nicola, July 2007 (Schwarzwaldmädels Tour)