Coordinating Team CT


The Coordinating Team organizes the meetings, chooses the speakers/topics, selects the venues and updates the website. We contribute our time and talent on a totally voluntary basis, and we look forward to welcoming you to a Network evening soon!



German, was born in the Black Forest. Through a school exchange and an internship in London during her studies in tourism and economics, she became a dedicated Anglophile. She joined the Network in 1997 and has been a member of the CT since 1999. She currently works in regional tourism and is always happy to share information on tourist facilities, cultural events and other interesting sights in the area.




American, was born in Los Angeles, California. At 11 months old she immigrated with her family to London, eight years later they moved to Madrid.The next move was four years later to attend secondary school and college in Edinburgh. After a four-year stint working as a secretary for a local publisher, she decided to broaden her horizons and set off for Caracas, Venezuela. In 1982 she moved to Hong Kong where she lived until 1997. She spent 13 of those years working for Reader’s Digest, latterly as PR Manager. In 1996 she met her German husband, also working for Reader’s Digest, when he was transferred briefly to the Hong Kong office.   Leaving Hong Kong shortly after the historic transfer of British sovereignty over Hong Kong to China, Liz and her husband decided to settle down to a quieter life, and are proud to call Freiburg home. Liz still enjoys travelling, and although she swears that she isn’t sporty, she loves to play golf and is a regular visitor to the gym. She joined the CT in July 2013.



German, was born in Breisach. After her advanced college certificate she did a 3-year apprenticeship in banking that led to a permanent position at the Sparkasse Freiburg. While working there, she continued her studies completing a degree in accounting and business economics. In 2004, she took a 6-month sabbatical to study English in Sydney, Australia. She returned to the Sparkasse and restarted as product manager in the sales and marketing department. Ingrid loves to travel, going to the theater, reading and listening to all sorts of music. Her new passion is cycling.  She joined the Network in February 2007 and has been a member of the CT since January 2008. 



Welsh, born in South Wales.  After finishing high school, Katharine successfully completed her nurse training at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.  She met her German husband Stephan shortly afterwards. Five years later, following the birth of their daughter, Katharine and her family moved to East Anglia, where they lived for seventeen years.  During this time their son was born and Katharine continued to work as a nurse.  The family moved to Freiburg in 2014, and Katharine joined the Network in October that year. Seeing this move to Germany as an opportunity for a career change, Katharine is currently working at a Kita and started her training in September 2016. During her spare-time she enjoys cooking, cycling, hiking, music, reading, jogging and travelling.  She joined the CT in September 2016.



German, spent her teenage summers in England and graduated from high school in Charlotte, NC, as an exchange student. She studied Medicine at the Universities of Freiburg, Innsbruck, and Munich and performed parts of her training in Johannesburg, South Africa. She fell in love with Africa and has since travelled extensively around Southern Africa. As a doctor Silke has specialized as a pediatrician and after a few years in the Pharmaceutical industry she is currently redirecting her career back into practicing medicine. She moved to the Freiburg area in 2011 with her South African husband and their two boys. She enjoys travelling, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, architecture, art, her family and her garden. Silke joined the CT in September 2014.




American, was born in New Jersey, USA.  Whilst working on her Master's degree in Public Health in NJ, Krissy had the choice to drop everything and move to Germany and get married to her German boyfriend!   With ten years working in the pharmaceutical industry and studying, Krissy felt it was time to make a change. She happily moved to Germany, and has been living here for over 10 years. During that time, Krissy has relocated three times with her family as a result of her husband’s job. They have three children, two girls and a boy. Krissy has lived in Munich, near Hannover and now lives south of Freiburg. In each city, she has joined English-speaking women’s groups which have been rewarding in so many ways. They have helped her adjust to living in a new environment where she had no friends and spoke only limited German. Krissy made some very good friends through these women’s groups, and remains in contact with many of them today. When asked to join the Coordinating Team, Krissy agreed because it is important to her to contribute to this type of group since they have all helped her in the past. Krissy joined the CT in January 2015.