Forum for Communication and Exchange 

      for Women in and around Freiburg, Germany

Welcome to the Network of English-Speaking Women!

The Network was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing a forum for communication and exchange between English-speaking women in and around Freiburg, Germany. By putting women in contact with one another and encouraging the exchange of information and experience – both personal and professional – the Network offers fun and informative evenings in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. 

Our next meeting is Friday January 18th, 7:00 pm 

Do You Know the World of Dr Seuss?

Member Sabine Karoß ‘Translates’ Text into Dance! Maybe you have read some of Dr Seuss’s wonderful children’s books. One of Sabine’s favourites is “The Foot Book”. ‘I love the rhythm of the language and the inspiring illustrations,’ she says. ‘You could immediately ‘translate’ the text into a dance – no matter how many left and right feet you have! When we meet, we will have a lot of fun trying to organize all those different feet (left, right, wet, dry, high, low, black, red) into dances from all over Europe and the U.S. “Here come more and more … and more feet! Left foot. Right foot. Feet. Feet. Feet. Oh, how many feet you meet!” Sabine, teacher of sport, gymnastics and dance at the PH in Freiburg, is looking forward to meeting many different feet in the newly renovated PH-Gymnasium! Please be sure to wear comfortable clothes, and bring clean sneakers with you (or other comfortable shoes without heels).