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Welcome to the Network of English-Speaking Women!

The Network was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing a forum for communication and exchange between English-speaking women in and around Freiburg, Germany. By putting women in contact with one another and encouraging the exchange of information and experience – both personal and professional – the Network offers fun and informative evenings in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Our next Meeting - Friday, July 12th, 6:30 pm!

Freiburg Münster’s gargoyles and sculptures, what’s the history?
We are delighted to have this opportunity to learn more about the Freiburg Münster courtesy of art historian Judith Neumann M.A. Ms Neumann, who conducts courses and lectures for VHS Freiburg, has been interested in fine art and history since her youth.
She will focus on the history of the cathedral, talking specifically about its gargoyles and other sculptures. In this context, she will also cover historical events relating to the city of Freiburg including destruction around the Münsterplatz at the end of World War II. This will be an interactive tour and will take place outside the Münster only; we will not be going into the cathedral.
Since there is a better view of the cathedral from the Historischen Kaufhaus in the Münsterplatz, we will be meeting there and not the main entrance to the cathedral.
Apologies in advance that the tour will be conducted in German only!

After the tour we will have dinner together at the Hotel Rappen.

If you wish to join us please register at or use the form below.

Best wishes,

Your Coordinating Team