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Welcome to the Network of English-Speaking Women!

The Network was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing a forum for communication and exchange between English-speaking women in and around Freiburg, Germany. By putting women in contact with one another and encouraging the exchange of information and experience – both personal and professional – the Network offers fun and informative evenings in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. 

Our next meeting is Friday March 22th, 7:30 pm 

Finding Your Way - How Creative Souls Make Their Ideas a Reality
With this presentation, we are diving into the world of creative women! After a brief history and exploration of the terms ‘creativity’ and ‘art’, our member Ariane Schüßler will talk about the challenges creative women face today.
She will share with us the topics that come up the most during her one-toone coaching sessions, and how she assists her clients in achieving their creative dreams.
With her Greek background, Ariane explains that her business came to life because of her name: Ariane. A simple version of the story of Ariadne of Naxos taken from Greek mythology goes like this: Theseus was to kill the Minotaur, a monster that lived in a labyrinth and made life hell for the nearby town. All men before Theseus had failed to kill the Minotaur, because they got lost in the labyrinth. Ariadne knew what to do -she held a ball of yarn for Theseus, so that he could find his way through the labyrinth.

‘And this is what I do -I help people find their way,’ she says, adding, ‘maybe this presentation will inspire you to dust off some of your creative ideas and turn them into finished projects!’

If you would like to join us, please register by Wednesday, March 20th with  or with this form.