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Member Chandani's Online Cooking Courses

Member Chandani Samarathungage Dona is not only passionate about her home country of Sri Lanka, she is equally passionate about its cuisine and cooking, which she learnt mostly from her grandmother.
She decided to combine both passions when Covid-19 struck earlier this year forcing her to cancel a planned tour of Sri Lanka with clients in May. Making the most of a bad situation, Chandani decided to take the plunge and introduce her Sri Lanka cooking courses online.

If you're interested in her cooking courses you'll find more information visiting her website:


Support for the Charitable Organization Obdach für Frauen (OFF)

Since March 2020, Covid-19 has affected our lives in such an enormous way that it has been impossible for our Network group to meet together on a regular basis. As a result, we thought it only fair that members be given the choice of having their fee returned or donating it to one of the Network’s favourite charities - Obdach für Frauen (OFF). We were delighted to receive such a wonderful response from our members, and have since donated € 690 to this exceptional charity.

Thank you to all of you who agreed to a donation!

Network's Donation in 2019

Run by a charismatic team of women headed by Veronika Lehmann and Elisabeth Armbruster, Boutique Le Sac/OFF is a hidden jewel among women’s volunteer organizations in Freiburg. If you didn’t have a chance to attend our October meeting, and would like to find out more about OFF's outstanding work, check out their website at


The Robert Bosch College in Freiburg officially opened its doors in September 2014.  The historic ’Kartaus’ was painstakingly remodeled and expanded to create the only United World College (UWC) in Germany.  In February 2014, Laurence Nodder, founding rector of Robert Bosch College, talked to the Network about the concept and education movement behind UWC. The main idea being to build a more peaceful and sustainable future through cultural exchange, dialogue and the experience of differences - or similarities. In February 2016, we were delighted that Laurence agreed to give us a tour, updating us on the College’s activities, achievements and successes two years on.  

Some of our members enjoy a close relationship with the college providing guest accommodation for students during the school year. The college offers campus tours on a regular basis, which is a great way to meet the students and learn about UWC. In addition, the students plan a number of exciting activities and events throughout the school year. If you’d like to learn more, check out their website: 

Charitable 2020 Scholarship

This year, the UWC Robert Bosch College has instigated a fund-raising program among its alumni - ‘You Give Back, We Match.’ If they reach their target of €10,000 by December 31, 2019, a donor will match the remaining amount to make this a full scholarship - the first-ever alumni scholarship given to the College. In 2020, UWC Robert Bosch College will then create an additional place for a student from an SOS Children’s Village worldwide. The College has reached a little more than €8,000 with just €2,000 to go! The Network has contributed €200 to the fund. (If you are in a position to contribute to the campaign and, therefore, help the College and its alumni fulfill the scholarship challenge, they will be more than grateful to hear from you! For more information check out



To mark the occasion of our 25th anniversary, and in our founder Susan Padman-Reich's memory the Network made a donation of 300 EUR to her family's chosen charity- SOS-Kinderdörfer.





Saturday, July 15th 2017 marked the Network’s first family fun day with picnic and barbecue in Wittnau! A big thank you for your drinks contributions which reached €110. The Network has topped up the amount to €200, and this summer we donated this sum to "Tigerherz’’- a charity that looks out for children whose parents have cancer, helping them deal with their problems and anxieties.  





‘Refudocs’ is an association of some 30 doctors in Freiburg offering invaluable medical aid to refugees. They originally started administering vaccinations in temporary accommodation in and around Freiburg where several hundred people live in confined spaces. These humanitarian doctors felt the need to offer quick, non-bureaucratic help, independent of the existing medical care structure, and so the non-profit organisation ‘Refudocs e.V.’ was born under the leadership of Chairman Dr Roland Fressle, paediatrician and neonatologist. Dr Fressle impressed us with his talk about Refudocs, and the plight of refugees in the Freiburg area in November. The CT felt moved to make a donation of 150€ to this invaluable cause thanks to membership support in 2016.  





Find out more about the interesting and entertaining programs available to the English-speaking community in Freiburg at the Carl-Schurz-Haus - Freiburg's German-American Institute.  Their comprehensive library of English books, magazines and movies is also worth a visit: